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A Saviour for Christmas
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A proud single mother.
A paediatrician with a traumatic past.
The boy who unites them.

Mary Jane

Meet Mary Jane, the mother of Albi, who is the love of her life. While Mary is Albi’s proud mother, she knows someone is missing: a strong male role model who is good enough for her…and her son.


Lately, Albi has noticed that the other kids at school have fathers. Albi has begun to ask about his father…and Mary is not sure what to say. She doesn’t know if Albi is mature enough to understand the truth about him and his mother.


Doctor Jeremy Rowan is a former delivery room doctor. In the opening pages of this story, we see what happened to one of his patients. It’s this opening event that drives Doctor Rowan to help as many children and families as possible.

The Story

One day, something happens to Albi, and when Mary takes him to the hospital, the doctor is struck with sympathy. Albi bears a striking facial resemblance to Doctor Rowan’s patient.

As Doctor Rowan gets to know Mary and Albi, a bond begins to form.

However, things take another turn.

Doctor Rowan’s staff are beginning to think he’s breaching the doctor-patient barrier, concerned that his judgement is clouded.

Doctor Rowan will have to make a decision. How much time is he willing to invest in one child’s well-being, at the expense of the other children on his
ever-growing waiting list?

How far will the good doctor go to help the family he has grown so close to?

This is a heartwarming, inspiring Christmas love story that serves as a testimony to the power of love and the saving grace of faith. Registered & Protected